Hauptfleisch Grondverskuiwing is a fourth-generation family owned earth moving company founded in 1933. The company specialises in any earth works related services and biomass / mulching in the agricultural sector with different specialized patented implements. With over 30 different machines and more than 85 years of experience we have the capacity and knowledge to provide a one-stop service for any size agricultural development.

We pride ourselves on being leaders in a highly commercial and precision driven agricultural industry, by developing and perfecting a wide range of implements that are needed during the agri land development process. Our implements are designed to be the most effective at its task in the industry. Some of our most well-known implements are the HG-Mengrip ™, HG-5Toon ™ and HG-Ridge ™.

Feel free to Contact us for a demonstration of our unique implements to see for yourself.

Dr. Niël Hauptfleisch

(Managing Director)

Went to school at Hugenote High School in Wellington during the 70’s. Received his Ph.D at the University of Free State in 1990. Joined the family company in 1991 becoming the third generation.

Jak Hauptfleisch

(Director and Operational Manager)

Matriculated at Paarl Boys High in 2010. Received his Master of Science degree (MSc Agric) at Stellenbosch University in 2015. Joined the family company becoming the fourth generation.