Hauptfleisch Grondverskuiwing

Hauptfleisch Grondverskuiwing Pty Ltd. is the only company in South Africa able to rip, while mixing ameliorants into the soil with furrow widths as narrow as 400mm, using the HG Mengrip ™ implement.

Together with our sister company, Hurricane Biomass, we provide a one-stop agricultural service. From tree removal and recycling, soil preparation, bulk earthmoving to dam building.


HG Mengrip™

This is our flagship implement, offering the best soil cultivation in the industry.

Depths: from 600mm to 1300mm

Furrow widths: 400mm to 1200mm (most soils require 700mm furrow widths in the Western Cape)

HG 3-Toon™

This implement has three tines, usually only used on the second or third action after the HG Mengrip™ soil cultivation action.

Depth: 800mm

Furrow width: 1000mm

HG 5-Toon™

This impressive five tine implement we usually only use for the second or third action after the HG Mengrip ™.

Depths: 600mm

Furrow widths: 800mm

HG Ridge ™

This implement is used on large developments to build ridges in a single pass:

Row width: 2.5m to 7.5m

Height: 300mm to 800mm

It’s the largest single pass ridge plough in the Western Cape.

We don’t use the conventional fixed frame ripper. We only use our redesigned, steerable implements mentioned above. All our unique implements are patented and also trademarked.